Mercy Ministry - Helping & supporting People In need

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We are called to serve the whole man. That means, we serve, spiritually, and within our financial limits serve important social needs of the people. We live in a world full of poverty difficulties for so many. Not everybody is as fortunate and blessed as we are. As we often worry about what my next iPhone is or which shoes am I going to buy next, others are worried about their survival, just somehow getting through the day. That’s the brutal truth. Jesus said, second greatest command is to love your neighbor as yourself. That’s why we try to give back and help as many of people in need as possible. For example, we support education projects, we support brick builders, orphanages , disaster relief and many more projects . Seeing people smile is a true gift and makes giving so much more special and worth. In Luke 6:38 we read give and it will be given to you. So let us help others and be a blessing.

Report of the relief work in Jaranwala, Pakistan

Report in English

Report in German

If you strongly feel like contributing and helping us support people in need  than we would like to encourage and invite you to partner with us with your prayers and financial support.