School of Evangelism - Learn how effectively share the gospel in 1 minute

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Part of the vision of Reach The Unreached Missions is to train and equip young men and women for the effective evangelism in the world. We organize School of Evangelism where we invite leaders and people with a heart for evangelism inter-denominationally to come and receive the training. In the school we teach them ABC of evangelism, how to preach and share the gospel effectively, relevant to the cultural context. Moreover, how to share your testimony and one-on-one evangelism, how to share the gospel in 1 minute.

Are able to share the gospel in just 1 minute? – If not join us in our next School of Evangelism. Before going on the streets to evangelize, we take time to pray for the Impartation of the Holy Spirit.

If you strongly feel like contributing and helping us teach thousands of hungry Believers, how to share gospel and how to effectively evangelize. Than we would like to encourage and invite you to partner with us with your prayers and financial support.